Southern Soil Solutions Ltd (SSSL) is committed to providing extensive soil and herbage testing services from Qlabs to the agricultural, horticulture and viticulture industries.

Qlabs utilises advanced technology to develop farm and grower customised coordinated soil-plant-animal nutrition programmes. Recognising the complexities of the services provided for farmers/growers, and what benefits our clients receive, we have developed a Trademark that encompasses all of the above: – “The Fallain™ protocols. (Fallain is pronounced fa-lain).
So why did we choose Fallain?
Fallain is Scottish Gaelic for Healthy and Healthy encompasses what the combination of our coordinated soil-plant-animal nutrition programmes achieve.
Healthy: –

  • soil
  • plants
  • animals
  • environment
  • farmers/growers bottom line

We choose a Scottish word to acknowledge our agricultural heritage and as respect for the pioneering farmers/growers.

What the logo represents.

  • The plant represents the link in all food production systems.
  • The world represents the finite resources that we have to work within.
  • The blue ring represents the Nitrogen cycle.
  • The green ring represents the Carbon cycle.
Management of the Carbon/Nitrogen cycle is the key to sustainability and increasing food production to meet growing demand.
Now, if you are asked, you can reply ” we run our operation using the Fallain™ protocols from Qlabs.”
Extracted from Qlabs newsletter
Regardless of farm type it is possible to maintain or even increase productivity while reducing-

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