Company Background

Southern Soil Solutions was started in 2007 in December by company director Malcolm McCall. After 18 years in the liquid fertiliser industry, we were offered the opportunity to retail by Omnia.

It has developed from that into an opportunity for Malcolm to follow his passion about sustainable farming into the future through following the Quantum program to its fullest.

The feedback from very satisfied clients is testimony to the very real benefits. They get really excited about how their stock look and perform. How their pastures hold on going into and bounce back from dry spells.

The results from balancing up the nutrients in soils can be quite spectacular. If a farmer has been fortunate to own land that has a good balanced ratio of nutrient, it is good natural stock country.

Over time as some of those nutrients have been neglected it has become harder and harder to get stock to perform.

SSSL has the ability now to provide the solutions for all people associated with land to step back to the naturally healthy, well do

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