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Qlabs, an independent company that specializes in co-ordinated Soil-Plant-Animal nutrition. With over 30 years experience with all aspects of agriculture, you can be assured that you are getting the best service available from an independent company. Click here for more

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Chengeta is a New Zealand based company, and has developed a comprehensive range of Agricultural and Horticultural products, with a focus on plant health. The company is involved in the research, formulation and manufacture of their products. Chengeta is a leader in the field of elicitors and their applications in plant disease management.

Chengeta now offers two very unique product ranges:

The Stemex® range of products: stem applied tablets and solutions applied through the stem bringing effective disease relief to many horticultural crops.

The Health range of products: which are all based on elictor technology, and when applied as foliars are very effective at fighting disease. Click here for more

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