QLabs: Ruminant Nitrogen Utilisation Efficiency Gauge

This gauge was designed by QLabs (Patent No 630767).

The Ruminant Nitrogen Utilisation Efficiency Gauge – RNUEG can offer a pragmatic measure for farmers to assess how they can moderate ‘N’ losses allowing them to engage in the conversation around how to manage the environmental footprint of their food production system.

This technology will allow accurate measurement and therefore further evidence of sound farming practice around Nitrogen concerns. These concerns have become public policy issues and are debated throughout New Zealand at every level.

The use of ‘Overseer’ by various Regulators (ORC, ECan and ES) plus Environmental Advisors and Consultants will ’tag’ a farm and its particular style of farming (Dairy NZ system differences) with a ‘number’ which advertises its pollutant level. Currently the main focus is Nitrogen use and loss given its high solubility, thus is very mobile through the soil profile and beyond the root zone. Overseer will eventually predict the pollutant level of many nutrients. The regulators will potentially punish farmers, or at the very least force farmers to become consented and have conditions within that consent which must be met e.g. nutrient losses and E. coli levels.

Use of the Nitrogen Utilisation tool will arm you, the farmer, with real knowledge in order to manage those potential losses, increasing efficiency will have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Adjusting farming practices will increase efficiency by clever targeting of inputs to create pasture and fodder/pasture supplements in the correct balance with soil performance at its optimum.

The challenge that has become reality. Growing pastures and crops with a protein to energy ratio in balance with an animal’s requirements.

It is very important to know what farm animals are consuming. Armed with that information farmers can make proactive decisions towards having their animals performing at optimum at all times ……. Reducing the risk of protein/energy issues that can adversely affect farm profitability. Trial work has shown the model accurately predicts related animal health issues.

Efficiency and sustainability are the key phrases here without these issues front and centre we lose our ability to function as responsible food producers!

Qlabs along with Southern Soil Solutions Ltd – SSSL offer farmers a new patented tool that will predict the Urinary Nitrogen as well as Milk Urea Nitrogen levels from various feeds, ie pastures, crops, conserved feeds, in fact anything that a ruminating animal is about to be fed.

SSSL has been an agent for Qlabs in the south for some time now. As such we facilitate the activity between the Lab and their clients, through to the supply of customised, blended nutrients as recommended by Qlabs.

Example of RNUEG on left is a sample of ryegrass showing high protein levels and low energy.

The bottom one is a sample of hay, showing low protein and high energy.

By using this tool you can monitor your feed inputs to allow you to make informed decisions on your animals inputs and when.